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Les Cigales

40660 Moliets-et-Maa

Tel.: +33 (0)558485118
Fax: +33 (0)558485327
7 rates
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elbblick: Solid campsite. Was several times here, sometimes under the rainbow, sometimes on their own. The place is quite large, the underground woody. Nevertheless, one can find one or the other beautiful spots for camping. In the major tour operators, the question anyway, since everything is already built. The beach is not far, near, there's a delicious pizza, and the excursions in the surrounding area very well. The prices are okay, especially for groups is the place to be recommended. The sanitary facilities are clean.
Svizzle: I was two years in a row was in a surf camp on the Camp Campingplatz.Das Although far from the promenade and beach, but this did not have the mood Abbruch.Die toilets and showers in the small wooden houses with holes in the walls of my friend quenched and only from me but, but we quickly noticed that there long queues were not as large as the other toilets. And the warm water was too loose for a time to correctly duschen.Der campsite itself is very spacious and also offers some Telfonzellen place from which one with a phone card that you can get in the time averaging shop on the promenade to call to home can . Since there are many surf camps are located we meet frequently in German and with the other campers to get on the way to their daily shopping or on their way to the beach and well into Gespräch.Alles in all, I find the campsite highly recommended.
raven80: In itself, a beautiful camp site: near the beach, with lots of trees and within easy reach. Unfortunately, the employees there are very unfriendly. The cleanliness and hygiene is written here is not really big. Then there is all sorts of garbage around, for which, unfortunately, neither the causal vacationers still feel the staff responsible. The site is overbooked, as well, the sounding box office a much higher rank than the well-being. So it is no wonder that there are far too few toilets and showers. In both cases you could get a Kotzkrampf frequently, for example, if done many a bastard her business for lack of other opportunities in the shower and that will not be removed for days ... For his money, one could expect because wirklcih more!
sabineh: At 300 meters from the Ocean Camping les Cigales offers accommodation in a protected natural setting, amidst the beautiful forest of Landes.De about 45 m2 cabins offer comfort that I never imagined ... The space includes a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen with large windows giving a light and pleasant views over the surrounding pine reposante.Le all for a very reasonable price in low season and very reasonable otherwise. No shortage of activities nearby include surfing, golf, sailing, cycling ...
grolou: We stayed at the campsite of cicadas in July 2008. First you arrive, the reception was frosty. We forget most of you do not pay your location for the entire stay upon arrival. ... No welcome drink as in many campsites where you explained how the campsite. You ad 300 m of the ocean. This is completely false. There are at least 1k 500. (It's not far, but this is not the same thing). No hot water in the toilets (to shave super ....) At 3 bathrooms we've done two did not even hot water for dishwashing and laundry. You are told there is a mini golf. This is completely false. In short, one wonders how this site could get 3 stars ... .. No pool, no entertainment ... ... Really disappointed ... ...
messanges: Too, very surely from the black pines, locations too small, too few owners aimable.Mais very near the beach.
arewen: Cheap, near the ocean and the beach bar restaurants to the fête.Une once installed you do not touch the car.
sug: Home déplorable.Discrimination, deposit paid more expensive than expected, owner terrible, dark place dimly lit, no entertainment, no pool. Do not go.
Ninoue MIM: I went the 2nd week of August 2009. While it is very well located (few meters from the beach) and small shops are nearby. But this is not everything! It all youth park at the bottom of the campsite (surment to hollow out the noise at the entrance) but all the kids are not big partiers and did not sleep at 5am every night! No guard is flowing the night in the campsite. On the other hand, the bathrooms are in a deplorable condition than (they did not have to redo them for years). There is no thermostatic shower \u003d shower in hot or iced choice, laundry tub: I even wash my clothes, dishes and trays sinks leaking from everywhere. And pompom, there is almost as Turkish toilets! And this site says 3 stars! I find it very expensive for the services provided and I do not recommend it.
Mariaaaa38: The cottages, not clean, not very pleasant to live and poorly located: totally under the pines with almost no sun filter, thus it was perhaps not bad but during the off season was cold all the time then it's fine! We had to stay 5 nights we left after 2 so we were worse off! Add to this the host of unpleasant boss mode 'bad old bear licked' and you have my opinion: avoid!
Cigales Maa Moliets et, Landes, Aquitaine, France. Log cabin, caravans and bungalows. Mobile home, caravan sites Local We caravanned in our cars to Les Cigales near Moliets et Maa, France Camping les Cigales Page Avenue Ocean Moliets et Maa place, reviews France More We caravanned in our cars to Les Cigales near Moliets et Maa, France Moliets et Maa Camping the country cicadas Rating: star. Location: Maa Moliets et Category: camping. les Cigales Avenue from Ocean Beach Camping Moliets et Maa, Moliets et Maa Motor City Camping Moliets et Maa Camping les Cigales is miles away from the village Camping les Cigales in Moliets et Maa country Camping les Cigales in Moliets et Maa country camping Aquitaine cicadas France Moliets et Maa Rental mobile home trailer camping Price Comparison cicadas, Moliets et Maa trivagoPrices undSite Reviews of Camping Les Cigales and more hotels in Moliets et Maâ.trivago obtain the cheapest price to more than Camping les Cigales hotel portals Moliets et Maa Camping Caravan les Cigales Moliets et Maa acres of free holiday! Camping les Cigales is set in a protected natural setting, Camping les Cigales star, Moliets et Maa camping, beach les Cigales Moliets et Maa Stars All information on Camping les Cigales Moliets et Maa stars Reviews Phone CAMPING CICADA GITOTEL Moliets Plage (et Maa ) CAMPING The cricket GITOTEL Moliets Plage et Maa) Landes Aquitaine. Detailed Description of the campsite. Reviews Moliets et Maa experiences Beach Things To Do Tips Travel Moliets et Maa hotels, hostels, bars, attractions, nightclubs, etc. Camping Les Cigales A. Camping Les Cigales Moliets et Maa Moliets July Camping Les Cigales and Maa star information and ReservationsCamping Les Cigales Moliets et Maa: Komfort Caravan.

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